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开源的泛中日韩像素字体,使用 SIL 开放字体许可证 第1.1版(SIL Open Font License 1.1)授权。

支持 10、12 和 16 像素尺寸。

支持语言特殊字形:中文-中国大陆、中文-香港特别行政区、中文-台湾地区、中文-传统印刷、日语、朝鲜语 。

提供 otf、ttf、woff2 格式的下载。







Open source Pan-CJK pixel font, under SIL Open Font License 1.1.

Support 10px, 12px and 16px.

Support Chinese(Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean language specifics.

Provide otf, ttf and woff2 formats. 

The project not only provide all design files, but also provide complete build program (See Github).

Online demo:

10px demo

12px demo

16px demo

The fonts is still in the early development stage, will be updated continuously. Please see Github to learn more.


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ark-pixel-font-10px-monospaced-otf-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-10px-monospaced-woff2-v2022.12.20.zip 262 kB
ark-pixel-font-10px-proportional-otf-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-10px-proportional-ttf-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-10px-proportional-woff2-v2022.12.20.zip 274 kB
ark-pixel-font-12px-monospaced-otf-v2022.12.20.zip 10 MB
ark-pixel-font-12px-monospaced-ttf-v2022.12.20.zip 15 MB
ark-pixel-font-12px-monospaced-woff2-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-12px-proportional-otf-v2022.12.20.zip 10 MB
ark-pixel-font-12px-proportional-ttf-v2022.12.20.zip 15 MB
ark-pixel-font-12px-proportional-woff2-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-16px-monospaced-otf-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-16px-monospaced-ttf-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-16px-monospaced-woff2-v2022.12.20.zip 197 kB
ark-pixel-font-16px-proportional-otf-v2022.12.20.zip 1 MB
ark-pixel-font-16px-proportional-woff2-v2022.12.20.zip 199 kB


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感谢支持。 目前短期目标就是12像素覆盖GB2312。

另外也有一个临时替代方案: https://github.com/TakWolf/fusion-pixel-font





Any chance I can pay to have the accents of the romance languages added to the japanese  version?

I am not quite sure what is romance languages, are these chars in unicode blocks:  

0100-017F Latin Extended-A

0180-024F Latin Extended-B




The two blocks are only the variant of the Latin chars.

It will be easy to  complete in 12px.

This would be the one I'm referring to: https://unicode-table.com/en/blocks/latin-1-supplement/

Ah I see. I'm working in 10px since I'm using a small resolution for the game so 12px won't work for me. If you ever decide to do it for 10px, let me know and I'm willing to pay for the implementation

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Do you need a CJK environment? Or just need the Latin environment?

Make Latin (or Latin variant) glyphs is easy, even will not to take too much time.

But draw CJK Words(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_characters

is a time consuming thing.

10px now only have about 500 cjk words. At least 10000 cjk words can provide good support to CJK environment.

(10px have the full support for japanese https://unicode-table.com/en/blocks/katakana/ and https://unicode-table.com/en/blocks/hiragana/ . if you only need to support for japanese and do not need hanzi, it's OK)

But if you only need Latin environment, I can even make one for you separately.


Do you must require the Monospaced?

This means the glyphs must draw in the box with size 4x9 (top and right have 1px margin each, equal 10px halfwidth)

Notice the char: W,M

and there some chars in latin-1-supplement like:

Æ (u00c6)、æ(00E6)

In principle at least 5px can draw a Latin clearly. But 10px Monospaced only have 4px width, so have to omit.

But if you don't care  monospaced, width will no longer be limited, readability will be better.


I will take a little time to update 10px latin-1-sp blocks  (Monospaced). 

You can try it to see if meets your needs.

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Try version   dev-2021-11-05



Thank you. The latest update is what I was looking for. Only thing it has trouble with is having three "." together as it appears a square.

Happy to purchased this font and gave a little extra.

Thank you very much. I didn't expect you to pay so much!  

If you publish the game, please make sure tell me!

This is a continually updated project, any questions to feedback is welcome.

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